Educational Bursaries

The IDNA committee are delighted to announce that we are awarding bursaries this year. The awards will be divided as follows:

2 Bursaries of 1,000 Euros each
2 Bursaries of 500 Euros each

Successful recipients of the larger awards will receive 50% of the award initially and a further 50% on completion of an evidence based presentation of best practice/ case presentation etc.

Successful recipients of the smaller awards will receive their award on completion of a presentation at conference or an editorial piece suitable for publication on our website.

Members must be full members for at least 1 year.

Due to the increase in applications and in the interest of fairness members not previously in receipt of a bursary will be prioritised for support

All applications will be examined by the judging panel.
All bursary applications should be in by 30th January of the year of application and in the event that bursaries are not allocated at that time that applications may be considered later in the year

Best Wishes


For further information I can be contacted by phone 086 3360689